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Go Hubby! Go, Fight, Win!

My husband and I attended a marriage study a couple years ago and one of the topics was the fact that men like to be respected and will, in return, show love to their wive. Women, on the other hand, want to be loved, and, in return, will give respect to their husband. You see the cycle here? The video had a recording of an older woman with pom poms cheering on her husband. It was really funny. She even jumped up and down. I think she even attempted a jumping jack.

You know what? This totally makes sense. We cheer for our favorite sports teams or players. We cheer for our kids or grandkids in their events, plays, or decathalons. Some of us even cheer for our favorite contestant on The Voice or your favorite dancing act on So You Think You Can Dance. Some of you were on Team Jason, Team Colton, Team Blake, or Team Garrett on the latest Bachelorette show (you know who you are).

I wonder how often we put on that old high school cheer uniform or pull out those pom poms from last year’s Halloween costume and actually cheer for our husbands? Of course, this is just a figure of speech, because I don’t want to think of even seeing myself in a cheer uniform and those tiny little (or in my case, a little bigger) spandex things you wear under the skirt. With that said, I can grasp the whole concept of being my husband’s number one encourager. Are you cheering and clapping your hands for your husband? Whistling? Woo Hoo-ing for your husband? Would you paint your face and get all crazy cheering for him?

Rooting for him and cheering for him are just some of the ways we can show respect for our husbands. It can be as simple as telling him “Thank you” for taking out the trash or telling him you are thankful for who he is, for taking the carpool kids when it was your day to take them, or taking your ailing mother to the doctor because you were sick. How about the way he handles a hard situation, with humility and integrity. What about his parenting, which can be hard for some men, in general, right? How about his work? How he provides for you and your family? How he takes care of the yard? How about the fact that he is a son of God? Isn’t he “fearfully and wonderfully made”? We women hear that often but shouldn’t the men in our lives hear it too?

We want our men to feel secure, important, strong, dependable, respected, and appreciated. Our husbands want to know we have their backs as much as we want to know they have ours. God wants that too, through the words of Paul the apostle, “…each man must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.” (Ephesians 5:33)

Let’s challenge ourselves to some things we can do this week: call your husband, rather than texting (this is tough for me since my husband is on the phone with clients all day), but I will certainly make the effort to send a text of gratitude and appreciate to read when he gets a chance. Let’s put a note in his briefcase or attache (aka his manpurse), or on his laptop screen with affirming words. Words that say why we you love him, rather than just “I love you.” Write a note in lipstick in the bathroom mirror or leave a post it on his favorite book in the bathroom, you know, for the times he is “in the office.”

These simple things will change your husband. It will change your marriage. It will change you. But most of all, it glorifies God. Now, get out there and cheer for your man (as I smack you on the rear like the football players do).

Let’s inspire our husbands through the successes and the failures. May our husbands hear us cheering super loud, “Go, fight, win.”

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Hugging you so tight,