hey you

Hey you, you single gal, trying to make it on your own. Trying to live on one income. Paying those bills by yourself without a partner to have a budget meeting with or to argue with because you spent too much money at Target. You, grocery shopping by yourself on a Thursday night. You, the party of one at a table for 6, the family table or friends table at the local restaurant. You, single mom, raising little humans without much help or family close by. You, who miss all the cool women’s events at church because you don’t know any local babysitters. You, barely making your budget that you can’t even scrape up a few bucks to enjoy coffee with a friend. You, ladies who are waiting for something, a spouse, a new job, a promotion in a mostly male-dominated place of employment. You, single gals, are rocking your life; even if it feels like you are barely moving at times. You, my friends, that are embracing your beauty and natural gifts in serving God, and God alone. You, seeing the purpose he has created you for and takes not of your obedience. In the now. In your church. In your community. In the raising of your littles.

Hey you, twenty-something gal, not sure if school is for you. Yes, you are working, but it may not be a career kinda place. You, who don’t want to live at home anymore but wonder if you can afford to live on your own, with your new adult bills. You, who may feel lost as to what is going on with your life. You, who don’t feel very connected at church. You, who just works and goes home to binge watch shows on Netflix. Keep your head up, girl. I believe in you. I believe in who God has created you to be. He has given you a beautiful life, just the way you are. Focus on who you are and whose you are, instead of what you are going to do or where you’ll work or live. You can do this.

Hey you, my friend, working in the corporate world. Feeling like you’re a girl, living in a “material world,” because the environment seems to always be about the best shoes or the nicest suit. You, who are tired of the wining and dining of clients in order to get their business, when you just want to be yourself and get the business with the skills God has naturally given you. You, my friend, who may be pressured to put work above your spouse or your family, to meet the month end goals. You, who may be telling herself, “I have no life, no social life.” Know that God sees you in the striving. He sees you in the stress in making that monthly quota. He sees the desire to be with your husband and children. He knows you love what you do, even when it comes at a cost. You are a child of God. You are the light, right where you are. He’s got you right where he wants you. How are you sharing your life with your co-workers? How are you sharing the Gospel you believe in? Get to know them. Give them a little of yourself, outside of your work self.

Hey you, the young mom with baby throw up on the shoulder of the t-shirt you wore yesterday. You, with the messy bun, wondering if you even put on deodorant today because your routine got hijacked by a little human’s meltdown. You, who have smooth days with the littles and other days that you feel are you struggling just to keep them alive. You, who is still trying to figure out this mom hood and wonder if you’re doing it right. You, wondering if you’re being the mother your littles deserve. You, often comparing yourself to other moms. You were made for this. God has equipped you in such a special and powerful way. He has given you such joy in the creation of your tiny humans. Take note of the baby giggles. The carrots baby food that is splashed back at you when their little hand hits the spoon. Record the fun memories, for example, the time your toddler puts all the toilet paper in the toilet. These are the good times. You just might miss this one day. Find your tribe. Give ’em some Jesus when they’re having a tough day. Give them a pat on the back of their barf-stained t-shirt.

Hey you, moms with husbands who work out of town. Husbands who are gone all week or for long periods of time. You, moms, taking kids to school, some of you traveling to three different schools, only to be back 6 hours later doing the same exact thing. You, who feel like you live in your car, taking your kids to cheer practice, softball practice, or band practice. You, who try your best to get to Bible study each week but it never fails that one of the kids always seems to be sick. You are right where you need to be. Right where God has you, for this time. Your ministry is right where you are. Your ministry is in the car with Christian pop or worship music playing, talking to your kids about Jesus, and kindness, and love, on the way to the next stop or through the drive-thru at Taco Bell.

Hey you, moms of teens and adult children. You, who worry so much about your kids’ choices and behaviors. You, who just want your kids to love Jesus and be kind to others. You, who want your teen to stand up for others at school, to stand up to those making fun of the kids who can’t stand up for themselves, or the kids with a different skin color, a different culture or style. You, who try so hard to steer your kids in the right direction. God’s direction. You, who are doing your best to be consistent in parenting your teen, in the discipline, not caving in. You, who are guiding your adult children in the ways of life in adult land, but have to hold your tongue and can only trust God.You, who realize you can no longer call the shots. You, who pray that the seeds you planted years earlier will raise up little sprouts and grow into something beautiful. Keep the faith. Trust God. There is hope.

Hey you, moms who have lost a child. I see you. You are so loved and thought of often. You, who have to hear dumb words that are so hurtful, because the other person just doesn’t know what to say to comfort you. You, who miss your child so much, you can’t wait to see them in heaven. You, who have seen that little black and white ultrasound photo, who have heard the heartbeat, that don’t hear it anymore. You, who got to hold that child, even for a little while. You, that have the daily reminders of family photos around the house. You, who see your grandchildren that remind you so much of your child, it takes all you’ve got to hold back the tears. You, who wants to make sure your grandchildren know the wonderful mother or father they had.You are not alone. You’ve got some people who want to just sit and listen. You’ve got your tribe to just “be.” You’ve got God, who knows every pain, every ugly cry, every loss, every longing. God is still good. There is still joy to be had in Jesus. Cling to him. Find others who are in this or who have experienced this. Share the hope and love of Jesus with them. Let others in to share the hope and love of Jesus with you.

Hey you, moms with kids from hard places. You are doing a great job. You have big open hearts, diving into obedience to God’s call on your life, even if you don’t quite know what you’re doing. You, who have had all the training and been through all the classes; yet, there is no how-to with your special human. You, who can only rely on the wisdom and grace of God to make it through, even if it’s only one day at a time. You, who are doing or have done everything you can and still see the struggle your child is going to have in adulthood. You, who are so passionate about the care for your child at school, you feel like it’s a constant fight with the school staff. You feel like a broken record or a constant visitor at the school. You’ve got people that have your back. People who are listening when you need to share the struggle. People who may not understand but can still empathize…because…Jesus. Keep on, keeping on, because God makes things happen in his perfect timing. Don’t give up.

Hey you, with kids out of the house. You, with the empty bedrooms down the hall and the husband asleep in the recliner. You, with the kids all grown up with careers and mortgages and kids of their own. You, with kids doing their own thing, no longer calling to ask how long you boil eggs or barbecue a trip-tip. You, wondering what you’ll do with your time now. You, feeling lost and without purpose, wanting to just stay in your PJ’s watching Hallmark movies. You are important. You are needed. You have a beautiful story. God created you to go, and to share your life with others. This might mean serving at your church. Hanging out with young moms. Get back to that hobby you enjoyed before the kids arrived. Spend some time with God to see if he has put a new passion in your heart and take off with flying colors. I encourage you to put the book down. Put the knitting away. Get out there and experience God’s beautiful creation-whether it be watching a sunset, talking with a new neighbor, or bringing home some fresh flowers.

Hey you, you with the worries of family or loves ones with health problems. You, who may be too far away and can’t be there to support your family. You, worried about your husband’s aches and pains that he passes off as no big deal. You, so frustrated with the medical systems in place. You, worried about your teen’s health, wondering if what she is going through will be for the rest of her life. You, waiting for that miracle of healing. You, who will travel anywhere or spend any dollar amount for the best treatment for your loved one. You, who may be caring for ailing parents, while parenting kids at home. You, who are being stretched thin in both directions. God hears every prayer. Every cry. Every desperate plea for help. Speaking of help, be brave, ask for help. Let your friends in. Call your tribe.

Holding you and so many more in my prayers tonight. Praying God meets you right where you are with his peace and comfort. Praying you see the beautiful soul and woman that you are. Praying you know and believe whose you are, rather than who you are or what you do. May you be encouraged in whatever stage of life you’re in. May you know that you aren’t alone. You’ve got a village. You’ve got people to hold your arms up when you just can’t anymore. You’ve got people praying for you. Keep on, keeping on. Get it, girl. Even if it is just one day at a time. You are strong. You are capable because he is able. Lean in to Jesus.

Hugging you so tight,