You Want Me?

Early this year I was asked to take part of something big. It would involve travel to a place I’ve never been. It would involve leaving my family for a couple weeks. It would involve fully relying on God for all the things: preparation of heart and mind and whatever else the Lord calls me too. It would involve fully trusting God to provide all I needed for this trip.

My first reaction was,Me? You want me to go and do all those wonderful things? Me? To step out of my comfort zone? No way!” I would eventually pray about it, talk to the hubby, and I said “YES!”

I was so honored and humbled to even be considered. Humbled that God would put it on someone’s heart and to give them the little nudge saying, “Ask Tammy.” You see, I’m not all that extraordinary. I’m just an ordinary gal that loves Jesus and loves his people. Come to find out, that is all that is really needed. It all starts with the “Yes” to Jesus and he takes it from there. You may or may not have heard the saying, “God doesn’t call the equipped, he equips the called.” I can honestly say, “This is so me.”

There have been months of prayer, Bible study, and preparation with the team. But you know what? God had already put all of this in motion way before it was on the heart of the gal to put this trip together. Do you ever think that your “Yes” to something you might find crazy and asking “You want me?” could be something that was planned even before you were even born? God has a plan for everything. God’s timing is always perfect. He calls the imperfect for his perfect glory.

What have been your “Yes” moments? Are you on the fence of saying “Yes” to something right now? Are you feeling all the feels? You know, any insecurities, not smart enough, not strong enough, or how you can afford what you are being called to? I am telling you, girl, God is a big God and he is able and capable of doing anything. He gives us the strength and confidence we need. He assures us of who he created us to be. He provides in ways beyond our imagination.

He chose me, a fluffy, not-so-fit (okay, not fit at all), 47-year-old (wow, my heart hurt a little saying that) lady to get out of my own way, to step out of my comfortable little box (my safe little place here in my home town), to see, love, and serve his wonderful sons and daughters. My fellow brothers and sisters. Your brothers and sisters in Christ. He chose me, plain and simple Tammy, and three other ordinary gals to go. GO. He chose you too my friend.

I think God is pretty funny. I have been praying for ways to reach other people. When you work for a church and just about all of your friends attend your church, you don’t have many opportunities to reach the un-churched or non-believers. I’ve been praying for what I can do. How I can be more intentional. I’ve been trying little things like intentionally talking to the store clerks, addressing them by name, or visiting different places from around town. So, God, the fantabulous man that he is, says “Ok, I got something for you” and wants to send me away, in a whole other time zone, to meet some of his precious un-churched, “don’t-know-Jesus”, children.

I realize this is a crazy, probably once-in-a-lifetime adventure but I can see times in my past that I didn’t respond in obedience to something God called me to. I may have even ignored it altogether. Or even those times I probably said “Yes” reluctantly, kicking and screaming. I gave into the lies that the enemy tried to put in my head about insecurities such as my age, weight, or my “ordinaryness.” Friends, I encourage you to not be afraid or worry. About your age or size. About the finances. The process. The outcome. The cost. Try not to let the “world” get in your head. People will always have something to say. Lean into what God is putting on your heart. Lean into where he wants you to go.

It has been seven months since a friend told me that God put me on their heart and asked me “Do you want to go?” I can honestly say, with everything that I am, that God has proven to be so faithful in every way possible and beyond. Did I lose the weight I wanted to lose to fit in the airplane seat? No. But God reminded me that I didn’t have to lost any weight first. I don’t have to let that hold me back. Did I have to scrimp and save to pay for the expenses? No. God has worked through some amazing and generous people who were being obedient to that little tap on their shoulder as well.

What is your adventure or opportunity to respond with that simple “Yes”? How are you saying yes more? Is it your neighbor across the street? Or the non-profit organization you follow on social media that you’d love to go serve? A promotion at work? A serve opportunity at your church? What is holding you back? Are you afraid of being stretched? Afraid of any growing pains? Wonder about what you have to offer?

Girl, you’ve got the whole package in the unique you that God created.

SAY YES. It is so worth it.

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Hugging you so tight,


P.S. Stay tuned for details about this adventure, some time in November.