Puppy Love

We have three dogs (fur babies) in our family. Bear (our senior dog at 16) brought all the way from the North Pole one Christmas Eve, Stanley Tucci, (my daughter’s, 6 years old), and yes, named after a fave actor; think The Devil Wears Prada, Hunger Games, Maid in Manhattan, et al, and my very own pup, Otis Redding (almost 5 months old). Otis Redding was a fab musical artist. You know this song, “I’m sittin’ on the dock of the bay / watchin’ the tide roll away.” You’re totally singing it right now. It’s cool. Go with it. Grab an iced tea and just chill. I love the song’s vibe; hence, the name Otis Redding.

My family blessed me with sweet Otis this Mother’s Day. I was floored with joy. So surprised. He’s a brown and white fluffy baby Shih Tzu. I couldn’t bring him home for 4 weeks but I made sure to go and visit him each week, to hug him, and kiss him. And, of course, to take lots of pictures of him. You know, all the love we give our fur babies.

This is the first time I have had a dog of my very own. There may or may not be some spoiling involved. I totally get my feelings hurt because I think he likes my hubby better, since he works from home and is with him more. I think, “He don’t love me anymore.” But then I remember the joy I feel when I come in the door each day, with Otis right there waiting to greet me (and get out the door as fast as he can). We’re working on it. He is such a hugger (if dogs can hug, I think they do), a good listener, and he’s free entertainment.

We have been on a few Tammy and Otis adventures. I’ve taken him to a yard sale, a walk in Tower District checking out a new coffee shop. He is quite the ladies’ man I tell ya. All the attention. His latest musings include biting Bear’s tail and being dragged down the hall, splashing the water out of his water dish (I think he thinks he’s a Lab or something), and he now plays with and misplaces the empty water or food dish. I am a proud puppy parent, always wanting to take pics or a video to share on Insta. I’m thankful for Instagram and hashtags like #shihtzusofinstagram, and locally, there’s a new group of gals hosting @helladogmoms. These people get it. These are my fellow gals that leave the TV on when they need to leave their babies home, even if it’s just for an hour. Yes, I leave the TV on. It’s always a struggle figuring out what Otis would like to watch. My hubby says “football,” but I’m thinking he may be a fan of This is Us or something like that. He is my furry alarm clock that wakes me before my actual alarm clock goes off. I actually don’t mind him licking my arm, neck, or cheek. How do you like the Snoopy kisses from your pup?

I’ve shared some pics of some fun times with Otis, as well as Stanley and Bear, so you get to know some of the family. Our first time taking Otis out of town, we had him in a stroller, a dog stroller. I invested $35 is the most fabulous thing. You know, because of all the yucky things on public streets. For a puppy who hadn’t had all his shots yet. I pushed him down the street and could see him sitting up in the middle of the stroller, looking around, owning it like a boss. For those of you that know me, a song usually comes to mind on many occasions. Well, this particular moment, I couldn’t help but sing The Bee Gees’ Staying Alive….Come on, sing it with me, “Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk / I’m a woman’s man, no time to talk.” I was literally cracking myself up, y’all wish you could’ve been there. I so wish I could have figured out how to record him with the song playing. Oh, well. I’m thankful for the memory stored in my heart.

If you’re looking for a fun mama dog community, look up @helladogmama on Instagram or Facebook. They have fun events for lady dog owners and their fur babies. Share fun photos with your pooch and tag them. These gals are not the usual usual dog owners. This community for us gals that go above and beyond for our fur pups; for example, pampering them with a dog stroller, buying a Baby Bjorn/type thing for your dog (yup, that was me), or just wanting take him or her with you everywhere you go. It seems like we are taking them our pups out more and more. My daughter’s friend at work has even started a hashtag or an Insta page highlighting dogs at Target. She’s takes photos of the dogs in the cart as they come through their register. I tried to find her page or follow the hashtag. You know, I found like 6 or 7 hashtags for this same exact thing. Looks like a new movement to me, #targetdogs.

I’m grateful to share Otis and his adventures with you. How do you love on your pup? What crazy things does your dog do that brings a smile to your face? How has your dog been an important part of your family? How has he/she gotten you through those tough times when all they can do is listen? Sometimes, that’s the best therapy of all. Share your pics and comments below. Share your stories with the rest of us.

May you and your little, big, fluffy or short-haired canine be blessed!

Hugging you so tight,