Home Decor Fun

What would our world be like without Pinterest and home decor blogs? We would have to rely on our own creativity in decorating our homes. Now, I LOVE Pinterest and various home decor blogs as much as the next gal (or guy, they have accounts too). I think I want to marry Pinterest sometimes because I tend to spend so much time looking and pinning ideas that I have never had a chance to actually try. You too?

I get so many ideas from some cool and crafty peeps. I think, “Can you be my next door neighbor?” or “Can you decorate my home?” And then, there are these magical places, almost Disney-like, called Hobby Lobby. I know!! I have a special gift ladies. I can walk every aisle in that store, spend two hours, and not buy one thing. Crazy, isn’t it? You’re probably wondering, “Why do you even go?” Believe me, there have been plenty of times I have thrown some denaro their way. I should have really bought stock in the place. I go with my daughter sometimes and if you were listening to us from the aisle next door, you’d hear, “Ooh, this is cute!” or “Look at this honey…oooh….aaahhhhh.” It really is quite comical.

Creative bone in my body? In me? Nope. I haven’t had a clue over the years. I just kinda steal (or get inspired) by others’ ideas. I have finally figured out how to put some stuff together. Gallery Walls. Farmhouse Decor. Oh! And right now, with Fall here. I am totally digging the White Pumpkins. I just can’t. I realized that I don’t want to copy someone else, I want to do what I like in my home. I want to display what represents me, my family, and my friends. Learning how to display pieces that remind me of such special memories, pictures recorded from events with family or friends, or cute signs with words spelling out the little flirtations you and your hubby say to each other…Why not?

may your walls know joy; may every room hold laughter and every window open to great possibility

~ Marry Anne Radmacher-Hershey

If you’re a Pinterest or Hobby Lobby stalker like me, I encourage you not to get tied up in how others’ homes look or your wanting to copy the decor in their home. Don’t fall into the comparison trap that this often drops us into. I have been in friends’ homes and have felt, “Gosh, my house is a dump, compared to this.” This is stinkin’ thinkin’ and we gotta get rid of it! Find the joy in YOUR home, in what YOU have. Do what you can with what you have. If you like a particular style, go with it! Don’t feel like you have to stay with the latest trends, although they seem to be changing so fast. I often wonder if the yellows and greens will ever come back from the 70s. My mom used to make pillows out of washcloths with yellow and green flowers and yarn. Yes. That really happened. Gosh, I hope that style doesn’t come back.

From one wanna-be-a-nice-home-decorator to possibly another, let’s encourage each other in who we are as individuals and as God’s children, the soul within, rather than being so impressed by the decor on the walls or the cute furniture from Home Goods. This is all cool and fun stuff, don’t get me wrong. Decorating, honestly, is a form of self-care/soul-care for me. I don’t want it to become my idol though. It is so easy to constantly be cruising through Pinterest and similar home decor sites, wanting to accumulate more and more. Remember, we can’t take any of the farmhouse signs or wood crosses or white pumpkins or galvanized metal items with us to Heaven. These are just things to enjoy while here on earth. Things that may remind us of some good times and good people; but you know what? It’s the people that come to mind in these good times that we can take with us to Heaven. For eternity. Let’s invest our time and money in the people over the stuff. Let’s live out what those signs and chalkboards say in our home, “Choose Joy”, “Grateful”, “All I Need is a Little Bit of Coffee and a Whole Lot of Jesus.”

I’ve attached some photos of some stuff around my home that I’ve accumulated over the years from stores like Hobby Lobby, Ross, Target, or flea markets. These are not fancy pro-photographer photos. These photos haven’t been edited. This is me. Plain and simple Tammy. You might see some dust around the shelf or table in these photos. That’s ok. And it’s okay for you too, sweet pea. It’s the beauty in the people represented in our homes and the memories they represent that are most important.

Hugging you so tight,