A Letter to My Daughters

My Sweet Peas. My girlies. My Ashty Poo and Little One. I am thinking about how blessed I am to be your Mom. I can’t believe that God chose ME to nurse you, hold you, kiss you on your squishy, puffy cheeks, comfort you, hug you, raise you, love you…I. Just. Can’t. My heart is so full it is going to explode!

You two have been a light in my life. My two beautiful daughters, two so different from one another; yet so beautifully made in God’s precious image. I pray you understand whose you are, rather than who or what you are. May you know that God loves you more than I ever can. May you know that he gave the ultimate sacrifice for you. May you know and love Jesus in a personal way, as a best friend, to help you cope with life’s difficulties and u-turns. May you know that you are a masterpiece, so wonderfully complex. May you embrace your strengths and your weaknesses, because in your weakness, God is strong. Lean into him with everything you are and everything you’ve got. You are both so unique and you have so much to offer this world. Believe it. Proclaim it. Own it.

May you find freedom from your worries, strongholds, or chains. The things that keep you up at night. The things that make you toss and turn. The thoughts that cloud your eyesight from seeing and experiencing the beauty and joy of God’s presence and creation in this world that is so broken. I pray you look for the joy in the simple things. A cup of coffee, whether it’s from home or from Dutch Bros. A lunch date with your sister, cousin, or friends (or even your Mom!) In God’s Word, that is alive and there for you, to help you navigate every aspect of your life. A good book that makes your soul shine so brightly, you can’t wait to tell someone. Find the joy even when Mama in singing or humming in the line at the grocery store.

It is such a privilege to have a front seat to seeing you grow into the women God created you to be. I love seeing you use your gifts, even the ones you don’t even know you have yet. I am blown away at how you process things, how you are handling “adulting” which is so not fun, but I see the fruit of those growing pains.

I pray you honor God with your heart, mind, soul, and body. I pray you fix your eyes on Jesus, and Jesus only. I pray you think of all that is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable–all that is excellent and praiseworthy. I pray you allow yourself to have fun and be silly. Dance like no one is watching when you’re in the car or in the kitchen.

May you know how much I love you and how often I pray for you. May you know that I want so much for you but I have to realize you are God’s daughters, on loan to me, and he has a special purpose and plan for you. I surrender to his plans for you, sweet girls. I pray you know and fully believe that he knows you, all of you, and he loves you anyway. May you know he sees you, you are not alone or forgotten. He is right beside you. Jesus is the ultimate comforter. He listens intently. He is your friend. He can give you everything that you need. He will provide for your future. He will give you the peace you need when you feel overwhelmed.

I am not a perfect mom. I’ve made mistakes. I am so thankful for your grace when I react or respond with a negative tone in my voice, when I say something wrong or rude (even when I don’t intend to), and when you keep me on track to be the godly woman I am created to be. Thank you for all that you have taught me. Thank you in advance for the things you have yet to teach me. Thank you for taking care of me with my many injuries and surgeries. You are rock stars. Thank you for loving me even when I embarrass you or bug you.

I pray you know how important people are. Everyone you come in contact with are God’s creations too. Be kind in your words and actions. Be compassionate. Be full of grace. Love even when it can be difficult. Love even when it’s hard. Love your family and friends like no tomorrow. People matter.

May you know that I am praying for your future husbands. I pray God brings you kind, gentle, patient, compassionate, and respectful men. I pray your future spouse supports you, honors you, and loves you like Jesus loves the church. I pray you realize there is no hurry for relationships. You do YOU. God will let you know when the right man comes along in his perfect timing. Don’t let the world dictate when you should be in a relationship or how you should be in a relationship. How ’bout you get to know Jesus better in the meantime?

Gosh, words can’t express how lucky I am to have you in my life. I love you so much. I appreciate all you do. I admire you and your little quirks. You make me laugh. You bring me the most wonderful, marvelous, whimsical joy each time we get to just hang out and talk. I cherish every single minute.

God, bless these girls of mine. May your Holy Spirit be poured over them wherever they go and in them each moment. God, keep these girls safe. Protect them. Give them wisdom beyond their own understanding. Grant them peace beyond anything they can fathom, when anxiety wants to knock on the door of their heart and soul. God, grant them godly friendships and relationships. Bless them with their “tribe”. Father, I look forward to what you have up your sleeve for my two precious girls.

Hugging you so tight, Sweet Peas,