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My Favorite Things

The month of December brings giving, blessing, and joy for many of us. One of the things that brings me joy this time of year is an annual event at my church hosted by women and for women called Christmas Joy. This year 700+ plus women gathered for worship, a message from a fabulous speaker, dessert, and fun conversation around the table. Our Lady Leader, aka Women’s Minister, comes on stage while Julie Andrews song “My Favorite Things” is playing, to share ten of her “Favorite Things” either by give-away or by a raffle ticket gifted to each woman attending. Some of this year’s fave things included coffee, a bracelet made by some amazing women in Africa, a journal with some snazzy gel pens, a book, and even the most fabulous “Magic Root Cover-Up” by L’Oreal. I came across this gem personally a week before this event and it was the best $10 I have ever spent. I actually found it at a better price for you on Amazon for $7.83! What?!?

While we’re on the topic of favorite things, I have been invited to and have hosted a “Favorite Things” ‘gathering’ of sorts myself, on a much smaller scale. Here’s the lowdown: 1) Invite some gals over, 2) have them bring three or four of their favorite things costing no more than $10 each, 3) on arrival, have each gal write their name on four little sheets of paper, 4) have each gal fill out a “Favorite Things” list letting us know things about themselves, such as their favorite candy, ice cream, movie, author, or artist. You get the gist. Lastly, a gal would choose four different names and present them with the favorite things she has brought to the party. So, you arrive at the party with four of your favorite things and you leave the party with four of each of your friends favorite things. It’s a win/win for every gal! I get the privilege of hosting a “Favorite Things” party with my Besties for our annual Christmas get-together. This themed party is bound to bring some belly laughs and smiles. Last year I attended a party and some of the favorite things were a kitchen counter cleaner, Double-Stuff Oreos, romantic comedy DVDs, and a bar of soap made from goat’s milk from a local farm. You with me?

Since we’re talking “Favorite Things,” I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things (cue Julie Andrews’) from this year with you! While I can’t do like my church’s Lady Leader or even Oprah when she does her annual “Favorite Things” episode giving away big ticket items such as brand new car, I can simply share some pics and links to where you can get these fantabulous items. Oprah just popped into my head, “A car for you, and a car for you, and a car for you…” I bet she’s in your head now. Right there with Julie Andrews. Good luck trying to sleep tonite. Sorry. Not sorry.

The best part! You might see these things and say, “Hey! I use that Chapstick, I use that Magic Root Cover Up!” See, instant friends! Great minds think alike! Imagine this is being our virtual version of a “Favorite Things” party. Feel free to share YOUR Top 5 “Favorite Things” in the comments below and let’s get the party started!

My Favorite Things

1. Cobblestone Candle Eucalyptus Leaves Candle 14 oz – Kirkland’s

2. Chapstick Holiday Collection Lip Balm-Candy Cane- 3-pk

3. L’Oreal Magic Root Cover Up (I used Dark Brown)

4. Tiande Earrings Lightweight Faux Leather Leaf Teardrop 4 pairs

5. Almost Everything: Notes on Hope by Anny Lamott

6. Rustic Farmhouse Cotton Blanket Throw for Couch, Chair, Camping, or
the Beach 50 x 60 Diamond Gray

7.Pet Gear Travel Lite Pet Stroller (For Otis of course!)

8. TUL RBI Roller Ball Pens, Medium Point, 0.7 mm (because, journaling.
Hubby loves these too!)

9.Drop Filigree Earrings A New Day (I have them in silver)

10. Basilwood Farms Soap Lavender Mint

Oh my gosh! These are really only a few of “My Favorite Things.” I could have listed so many more! I had a couple things in mind that I was so excited to share with you and when I looked them up, they were no longer available! They were the cutest leopard print flats and ankle booties and a pretty winter white sweater from Lane Bryant!

I can’t wait to see what YOUR favorite things are! Talk to you soon via the comments below!

Hugging you so tight!