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Kindness is a Superpower

We’ve grown up watching superheroes on Saturday morning cartoons with our bowl of cereal at the coffee table, while donning our best superhero jammies. We played with superhero figurines with the neighbor kids or with our imaginations in our bedrooms. Wonder Woman. Bat Girl. Black Widow. Super Girl. And most recently Captain Marvel. If you’ve seen the latest Avengers movie, you might recognize many of them. I haven’t seen it yet, so no spoilers!

The conversation among our friends growing up, or perhaps when we’ve played a game as an adult, may reveal questions like this, “If you could have any superpower, what would it be?” The Green Lantern has a magic ring to fight off villains. The Flash has amazing speed. Thor has a hammer to help him fly and mess with the weather. The Hulk has incredible strength. Black Widow has some mean martial arts skills. Captain Marvel, in her badassery, uses her power to absorb energy and project it, as well as create beams of light and heat. Oh, she can also fly, and she has magnificent strength and resilience. I want to be her. Sometimes, we as women would love to have the superpower to clone ourselves in order to complete all the tasks on our list or to help with the car pool.

While most of us don’t wear our superhero jammies anymore (if you do, that’s totally cool. #rockitgirl), or watch cartoons on Saturday mornings, we still reflect on the above question once in a while, and we ask ourselves, “If I could fly, I would…” or “If I could just zap him or her with a beam of light, that’d be great.” While these powers are not available to us, there are other superpowers that we supernaturally have built deep inside of us. One in particular is KINDNESS. Who would immediately think of kindness as a superpower? Can you imagine if these Marvel movie characters used kindness to fight against the villains and to protect the cities from harm?

The superpower of kindness doesn’t just come upon us like the Fairy Godmother with her wand. Many of these superheroes had to practice their skills. They had to learn how to use them and control them without blowing up the planet or hurting too many people. Kindness takes practice as well. The more we implement kindness to those around us, the more we improve relationships with our spouses, families, friends, and co-workers. Kindness has the power to impact communities. How would you like to see kindness spread like a wild fire through our state and the rest of the country? What a better place our government and world would be, eh?

I’ve been thinking of ways I can practice my kindness superpower with my husband, my kids, and my peeps at work. I remember the kindness others have shown me and how they’ve done simple things that have just lit up my soul like the shiniest diamond. I want to be a kinder person. I want my life to reflect Jesus, the most perfect and kind man that lived on earth. Talk about superpowers! I don’t want to just tolerate or tell myself that I have to have “boundaries” with those that may be difficult to do life with, which sometimes, means putting up walls to avoid those people in our lives. I want to express kindness to them. The more I do that, the less I complain or give in to my negativity toward them, the more my feelings will change in a positive, kinder manner.

Kindness involves the words that come out of our mouths, the things we do, and the way we act or behave. The words that spew out of our mouths come as a result of the thoughts in our head. Our words can have so much negativity. We grumble under our breath. We complain. We vent to our girlfriends. We catastrophize little bumps or forks in the road of life, looking at it as the worst situation possible. We point out the mistakes of those around us so easily. I thought of these things and I wanted to sink down in my chair and hide under my desk. I’m raising my hand and declaring, “Guilty.”

I am changing things up, my friends. I am striving to hold back the negativity. Every bit, because it really does make me quite cranky. How about you? When my husband leaves his popsicle wrappers on the end table. When I find that my daughter hasn’t done the dishes after I’ve first asked and then told her to do them twice. Perhaps you have a teen at home that doesn’t put much effort into his schoolwork and it absolutely drives you bonkers. Your frustrations are expressed in loud sighs, a negative tone in your voice, or being short in conversation with him or any other innocent victim nearby.

If you’d like to challenge you to tap into your kindness superpower, here’s some things we can work on together:

  • Hold back any negative talk. We don’t have to say everything that comes to our mind. Hold back on pointing out mistakes. The bad. The ugly.
  • No complaining. Zilch. No complaining to your girlfriend about your husband. No complaining about your kids or co-workers.
  • Find positive things to say instead of pointing out the wrongs. Thank your children for taking out the trash (even though it is a normal chore for them). Thank your husband for taking your son to baseball practice.
  • Affirm a co-worker on their work (even if it is part of their job duties). Be specific. Praise them for the report they just completed. Thank someone for the effort they put into their work.
  • Do intentional acts of kindness with those around you. Every day. Choose a couple people tomorrow to practice your kindness superpower with. Leave a note of encouragement. Send a love note to your mother. Take some flowers to your sister or BFF. Don’t tell them what you’re doing. Just do it. Knock their socks off.
  • Encourage or praise someone having a bad day.
  • Practice, practice, practice.

Remember, our feelings follow our words and our actions. The more we speak, do, and show kindness, the more our superpower comes out supernaturally. Get your cape and your tall gold boots out. You are a Super Girl, do yo thang! Let’s gather in a circle with our hands together, “Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!”

Hugging you so tight,


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