Magnolia or Bust!


I’m getting so excited for a Sister Adventure in August! We’re going to Magnolia Farms in Waco, TX and I need all of your tips and tricks to having the most fabulous time. Tell me all about the places you visited, the restaurants you’ve enjoyed, and things that are A MUST.

We’ll also be in Dallas for a night so if you have a fave good eats place, let me know!

I’ve been a fan of Fixer Upper and still watch the reruns on occasion. I’ve read The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines. I own Magnolia Table: A Collection of Recipes for Gathering and I am proud to say that I have made a couple of the recipes and dream of trying more. Although I haven’t jumped on the Fixer Upper wagon in remodeling our home, the hubs and I have tried talking the kids into moving to Texas so Chip and Joanna can work on a home for us. Some of them replied, “No.” I do know of someone in my life who has been obsessed (x a gazillion, just ask the sisters), not mentioning any names but our term of endearment for her often is Mom. Oh boy, have our phones blown up with this gal!

I’m a simple gal. I get excited about going to the Central Coast for a weekend. I don’t travel much, but starting to really dig into planning more adventures with the hubs and this idea for a sister trip came up a few months ago and before we knew it, we had our flights booked. I say, “Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy, let’s do this more often!” The best part? The four of us sisters being together, one from another state, without distractions, hanging out, catching up, and laughing our tails off, even at the silliest things, cuz, that’s how we roll. Did I mentioned that a couple of us sisters just discovered

Snap Chat and the various filters you can play with? #goodtimes And I am so tickled pink that we are going to Magnolia during my birthday month. Shall I be one of those girls that celebrates her birthday All. Month. Long?

One other thing I’d like to inquire of you my friends that have been to Waco. Church. Have you attended a church service there before? I was thinking about going on a Sunday morning. I love experiencing different styles of worship and can always learn from new messages. And the main thing, I love people. I’d love to meet my brothers and sisters in another state. I did ask my magic box (my phone) about churches in Waco and there were only 1,582 of them. Can ya help a girl out? Oh, and if you happen to know when Chip and Joanna attend, that’s a bonus! I promise I won’t stalk them too much.  

I look forward to All. The. Deets. Send over your ideas, comments, and experiences! Send over a pic from your visit! That’ll be fun!

Hugging Y’all So Tight,


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