Hello My Friend

Hi dear. I have missed you. Pull up a chair. You’ll always have a place at my table. How about a cup of coffee? Take your shoes off. Make yourself at home. Take a deep breath. I’m so glad you’re here. Big hugs. Oh, you’re not letting go yet, that’s all right, I love these kinda tight squeezes, with your head on my shoulder. It’s okay.

It’s the end of August. Your kids have started back to school and you’re trying to figure out a new schedule, a new routine, or simply just the “new” in all things “life” right now. You’ve got soccer, football, and cheer practices to get kids to and fro during the week and on the weekend. Your grandkids are going back to school and you’re not quite sure what to do with your time. You look forward to the rest but fear the loneliness in being alone. You find yourself weary just thinking about it or looking at the calendar with not one square open, you find yourself overwhelmed. Breathe my friend. Hang in there.

Your marriage isn’t what you’d like it to be? Fearful of the Fall activities bringing the crazy back in your marriage? The busy-ness? You had such a great time over Summer with family vacations and times when the car was in the driveway more than on the street, running this way and that. The kids left for college for the first time and now it will be just you and your husband. You may be thinking, “What do we do now? How do we hang out with each other now that it’s just the two of us?” I understand. I get the “Empty Nester” life and sometimes it’s not so fun. Hang in there.

Your body’s being all cranky and causing health issues? Let me get you a second cup. Hospital stay, doctor appointments, tests. Results that make you say, “Phew,” while wiping your forehead or perhaps you’re saying, “Ok God, help me here. You’ve got to take this from me. It’s in your hands.” The worry. The what if’s. The fear. The overwhelming support and love of family and friends has your heart overflowing with gratitude; however, you know it’s going to be a long road to recovery, and ask yourself, “What will it look like a month from now?” Hang in there.

Hang in there. I checked with the dictionary experts to see about the meaning of this simple three-word statement. The definition is simple, yet so powerful. Are you ready to heart it? It means:


Do not give up. There shall be no throwin’ in the towel. There shall be no thowing’ up the hands and giving into yourself thinking, “I can’t do this.” There shall be no white flag a wavin’. You hear me? As I sit here across the table, looking into your eyes, listening to you with my ears and my soul, I am holding you up, while you’re “hanging” in there. You have a sovereign God that knows everything about you, your heart, your life and/or situation right now. Everything you’re going through or fear you’ll be going through is no surprise to God. Lean into him and his power and provision. He did not create you to go through all of this alone, girly. You’ve got friends sitting across the table from you. You have a village to help with the kids. You have married friends that you look up to as mentors that can help with all the being married and parenting deets in life. You have girlfriends who are just a text away that can pray for you, help with errands, or bring you toilet paper because your teenager didn’t mentioned he used the last roll.

God is way bigger than your fear and worry over your calendar, your marriage, your health, or your __________________ (you fill in the blank.) What’s keeping you from seeing him at work in this season? I want to remind you of his goodness, faithfulness, kindness, love, and grace. His Godness. That beat in your heart right now? Maybe it’s beating a little faster? What or who is that heart beating for? Is it anxiety? Or maybe the Holy Spirit is giving you a heart hug deep inside you, helping you to feel his presence within you and near you. If there’s gonna be any surrendering, surrender it all to God. No white flag needed. Put your hands up on this table, face up, and surrender all to him. He loves you. He adores you. He has you. And all that comes in and with the pretty little package that makes YOU. You’re a fighter. You’re a strong, godly woman. You’re not alone. Do not give up.

Before you go dear, do you mind if I for you? Would you give me the honor of lifting you up to our Heavenly Father? Take my hand, let’s do this:

Father God, I lift up my sweet friend to you. You know her better than anyone on this planet. You know her heart. Her heart wants to worry and become anxious. I know you don’t want that for her. I pray your peace takes over and calms her fast-beating heart. I pray your Holy Spirit dwells within her and surrounds her wherever she is. I pray for your power works with her and through her, guides her, with all things this season holds and brings. May she know she is not alone in the adventures and misadventures in life. May she look up and see the community you’ve built for her because it is not your plan for her to do all this alone. I pray my beautiful friend sees you as the ultimate physician and that you are so good, no matter the result of that test. I pray for this girl’s tribe to keep in touch, even if it’s a simple text, “I’m thinking about you.” I believe there’s so much in that easy little sentence. God, may my friend see you and your miracles at work in her day-to-day life. I pray the enemy stays away from my girl, taking his lies and schemes back to hell where he came from. I lift up her marriage, Lord. May you be at the center at all times. I pray she and her hubby stand side-by-side when difficulties arise, rather than the difficulties squeezing between the two of them, causing them to fight each other. I pray they put each other first, honor each other, support each other through this parenting gig, which has challenges, but has so many joys too! I pray they are not blind to the joys and good times. I pray my friend leaves here with less weight on her shoulders, with some pep in her step, and with you constantly stirring in her soul. Thank you for my dear friend. Thank you for all she brings to the world. She is a delight for sure. In Jesus’ name I pray, AMEN!

Hugging you so tight,


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