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Making Memories in the Mess

Life can be messy at times, right? Along with the mess or chaos we find at home with toys, dishes, kids, or whatever seems to pile up, life can get messy with circumstances, such as divorce, changes in family dynamics, illness, single parenthood, or maybe just being single in the hood. Yes, these times, whether… Continue reading Making Memories in the Mess

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Kindness is a Superpower

We’ve grown up watching superheroes on Saturday morning cartoons with our bowl of cereal at the coffee table, while donning our best superhero jammies. We played with superhero figurines with the neighbor kids or with our imaginations in our bedrooms. Wonder Woman. Bat Girl. Black Widow. Super Girl. And most recently Captain Marvel. If you’ve… Continue reading Kindness is a Superpower

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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Freedom. What comes to mind when hear or see the word "Freedom?" This week, this word has never hit me so hard on my head. You see, I've been a slave. I have had a stronghold. Oh, I could blame it on my 7-ness on the Enneagram Personality Test or the four letters that I… Continue reading Breaking Up Is Hard To Do