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Thanks for stopping by! Check out a few pairs of ear candy here in the shop or see others on Instagram and shoot me a DM. I have Venmo & PayPal available. Shipping is always free, my friend!

**Pick a pair to send to your BFF(s)! We’ll send a note of encouragement to them and take care of the shipping. You simply let us know what you’d like to tell your friend. Just like you would if you were ordering flowers. When your BFF wear her earrings, she is going to think of YOU and the love you have for her! Leave her name, address, and the item name in the notes section at checkout.


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Handmade with love! Earrings made of non-toxic polymer clay. All kinds of sizes, styles, & colors. Great ear lobe decor for the gals in your life or for yourself! Like I mentioned, these are handmade, the item you receive may look a little different from the picture.